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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Estee Lauder Beauty Class With Mr. Vincent Xu (Estee Lauder's Global Make Up Artist) Day 1 (20 Sept 2014)

Dear My Readers,

If you are following my blog from the very first time..
Im sure you've seen my posts about me, joining this kind of event...
Beauty event is something i CAN NOT resist...

Because i always interested in art,fashion,and beauty world..
And im looking forward to meet new friends, sharing the same passion and meet the expert of art, fashion, and beauty world...

Tell me readers...
What's your passion in life?
Im sure you have hobbies, and interests beside just working..
(Or are you one of them who are lucky enough to work on the field you LOVE the most?)

For me,
This event is one of many ways to fulfilling my needs of being a better beauty blogger....

I saw this adv on LavieLash instagram,
And i signed up to join this as a participant...
And i came with my bare skin, but i manage to put on a little eyeliner and mascara..
Im ready to following Mr. Vincent Xu make up tricks step by step..

Sorry, this was taken by my front camera... bad quality picture..

But when i arrived there, i met 2 familiar face i've met before...
They are Mr. Erfan and Ms. Prisiella :)
Yes, i met them on Micro Essence launching event in Sogo Plaza Senayan last June :)
And Mr. Erfan asked me to be a model for Mr. Vincent Xu!!
And i didn't find any reason to say no to this BIG opportunity :)

So, before we started the event,
They once again cleanse my face, and i'm ready to get my make over
Im so excited! its almost like a kid got chocolate treat from their parents!
That's exactly how i feel, readers....

Make Over by Mr. Vincent Xu 

Our theme that day was Glamour Night look, so this look is basically our HG look to go to the party or any evening event... IF we want to look stand out, than doing smokey eyes with red lips is our first choice :)

I will try to write here step by step,
About how Mr. Vincent Xu applying make up on my face...
I must say his tricks really helpful for me..
Because he also do shading on my face ( i never able to do shading technique before)
1.  Skincare Routine

He applied Micro Essence on cotton pad and pat it on my face,( FYI i've used this since June) and after that he applied Advanced Night Repair 2 on my face and massage my face a bit so it will absorb well on my skin.
Doing skincare routine before make up is very important, not just so our skin will keep hydrated all day long, also, doing this routine will hold your make up longer because your skin is prepped well before...

Before i learn the importance of using skincare products, my skin is very dry, with dry patches everywhere, uneven skin tone, and still far from just 'normal condition' so when i applied my make up, like foundation, or face powder, it wont looks good because all the dry patches on my face... :(

So yeah, i realize buying skincare products is kinda investment for a lifetime for us...

 Micro Essence + Advanced Night Repair 2

2. Complexion 

First,i remember he applied Illuminating Perfecting Primer using Estee Lauder's foundation brush just to half side of my face.. so we can see the different between left and right side of my face (but he finished my half face after that.. hahahaha)...

Second, he used estee lauder's HG foundation, it is Estee Lauder Double Perfecting foundation, and mixed it with ANR2 serum to make it looks glow on my skin, still using the same foundation brush from Estee Lauder But i didn't see the shade he chose for me (duh, my bad) to covered my dark circle, Mr. Vincent using this magic pen called Double Wear Brush On Glow BB Highlighter... Oh God.. this is what i NEED in my life..  And patting Double Wear Stay In Face face powder, this time using powder brush from Estee Lauder, to set everything and make it long lasting on my face :)

Here is the product used on my complexion department...



3. Eyes Department

This is the most interesting part of doing make up, they said, eyes is the window of our heart... And this is absolutely TRUE... this is the most tricky part pf doing make up (beside wearing a bold or soft lipstick).
For the first step, he brush my brow with eyebrow brush (it looks like a mascara brush) draw my brow with Double Wear Stay In Place Brow Lift Duo, 

I learn much from him how to draw my eyebrow, my conclusion about how i should draw my brow is : i must draw it not too thick, and using a soft brown color.... hehehhe...

For my eyes, Mr. Vincent choose arctic zinc shade from Pure Color eyeshadow, because he wants to make a bold smokey eyes for me :) along with Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Liner and More Than Mascara


4. Bold and Glam Lips

He used just 1 product on my lips, and it is Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick in Red Tango shade, using Estee Lauder Lip Brush, and once again i learn from Mr. Vincent how to draw my lips...
This is how he draw my lips

Documentation of @Dennyirawanphotos 

Documentation of @dennyirawanphotos
Mr. Vincent is applying pure color long lasting lipstick on my lips, and the texture of the lipstick itself is moist, not matte or satin finish, but maybe because it has a strong color, the color is pretty long lasting on my lips, (lasting power is about 4 hours).

5. Shading and Contouring

When Mr. Vincent Xu, almost finish dong my half side face, 1 participant asking him about how to do the contouring, (i should thanking her, because i need this as well, my face is flat anyway).
He used double wear powder in a darker shade, using the same powder brush, and this is how he contouring my absurd face LOL..

Documentation of @dennyirawanphotos

You can see he's using Double Wear Stay In Place Powder one or two shade darker from my skin tone, and apply it as a bronzer...
As a conventional person, i thought bronzer is the best tool to do the contouring or shading, but now i learn to use darker shade powder to contour my face


6. The Final Look  
Now he is finished doing some magic on my face (not just half) and im very happy with the result....
Here is the result, i think i must learn how to do bold make up like this, because usually, i just pick one, between bold eyes or bold lips.

Thanks God im wearing neutral color outfit that day... (by @dennyirawanphotos)
I can see how my nose appear smaller and higher after shading and contouring, and also my cheeks and face appear better after the shading...

Im not sure about what im doing in this picture (by @dennyirawanphotos)

But i can say that im happy with the result...
How can i not happy?
Mr. Vincent Xu is the global make up artist for Estee Lauder, so im on a right hand :)

Documentation of @Dennyirawanphotos

Mr. Vincent Xu, Me, Mr. Erfan (Estee Lauder's PR)

Its a happy day for me readers...
Learn make up tricks from Mr. Vincent Xu is my intention,
But learn make up tricks and become his model is a big prize for me, believe it or not :)

After this event, i had a little chit chat with Mr. Erfanand he invites me to another Estee Lauder's event on 21 Sept in Sogo Plaza Senayan :) and once again i become a model for Mr. Vincent Xu :)
Once is a big prize, but become her model twice, is a blessing for me :)

Mr. Vincent is taking picture with another participants
He is different from a few make up artist i met,
Mr. Vincent is very friendly, and full of smile :)
He has no doubt to greet us first,
And he did ask all the participant to take a picture together before he done with my make up
Yes he is that great :) 

About The Event....

This event is a great chance for me to meet new people, i can see how Estee Lauder and Lavie Lash team are doing a great job on this event. It started on time, and participant's couch is full of pretty ladies :)
First start with a warm introduction from Estee Lauder's PR and make up artist (Mr. Vincent), and after that, Mr. Vincent started to do his little magic on my face.. hahahha...

After my half face is done, Mr. Vincent also open the answer and question session, of course this is a good chance for us, to ask many things from the master. For me, i got a good input on how to do the contouring and shading... 

Me and Mr. Erfan after the even, follow his instagram @erfanharyando

Me and Ms. Prisiella (by @dennyirawanphotos)

Me and Mrs. Kania from beautydairykania (by @dennyirawanphotos)

Unfortunately, I didnt have the chance to take a picture with all the participants and Estee Lauder's team... So, i only have a few picture with just a few of them.
Im so glad to joined this event, and i will join another event by Estee Lauder or Lavie Lash for sure..

Thank you for reading my blog...
See you on my next post everyone :)
Have a good day!

With love,

Monday, 22 September 2014

Pin-up Rockabilly Full Skirt by Dayglow Vintage Singapore


Oh how i miss to write and share something to all of you..
And thanks God i got another chance to do what i love the most,
Write and share my thoughts with you, readers....

So after almost a month,
Whats new with your life?
New job? New offer? New Boyfriend/Girlfriend :p ?
To me, everything is changing...
Not with my working life,
But more from my hobby and from the world i LOVE the most

Later i will write about 3 new topics..
Clockwise Photography, Estee Lauder event with Mr. Vincent Xu, and Bodygroove dance competition....

Back to the topic...
For introduction, i want you to check my picture below..

I cant tell you how many looks i made here, in white,,,
I just love to wear WHITE for so many reason,
But my reason to make this post, is not to make a persuasive move to wear white,
But i want to share to you, my readers,
How to make a vintage look with this white polkadot skirt...

This is how ladies did their look..
With pearls, skirt, shoes (maybe not as high as mine... its 13cm), and everything on 50's -70's

This Pin-up Rockabilly skirt is material is satin and polyester..
And if you wants something vintage but also chic and wearable
This skirt is the answer,,,
The skirt is flowy, and it reminds me of marilyn monroe's skirt on 7 years itch movie...
Have you watched it ?

(aha,, the movie was produced on 1955, so if you havent watched it, i totally understand)
(but please understand when i say i already watched it, i know i have some old fashioned taste, and this is one of it) *little bit shame*
Pinup Rockabilly Full Skirt
Click to go to their website right away

Oh how i love to see this skirt..
It has a very versatile style..
If you want to go to work with this skirt, i suggest you to wear it with :
1. Shirt and wear a pearl necklace,
2. Tank top and cardigan
3. Halter neck
4. Cute top and scarf
or anything... anything you want... :)

If you want to go to a party, just wear it with sabrina top (just like me, or halter top, or anything you want) Do mix and match with it...

Do you like this skirt readers? 
If you want it but you prefer it in another color,
Dont worry,
Miss Lilian also made it in a few color choice, 

I know you started to pick which color you love the most..
Black, white, grey, PINK
Yes they made it in PINK too,,
Who dont like pink? most of girls are love this color...
(Im one of them..)

Choose black for more vintage feel,
Wear it with white tops and RED LIPSTICK
Wow.. you will be the center of attention...

Okay readers...
Thats all for today..
I hope you are happy with what i write here...

And i wanna know your feedback about my post,
Will you help me?

"What tutorial, or what look you want me to do on my blog?"

You can write it on the comment box below,
Or if you want to keep it private,
Why dont you send me an email?

I want to keeping up with my readers,
And hear what you need from my blog..
If i can help you,
I would be VERY happy...

Yeah because im not writing this for myself,
I write my blog for all of you,
My precious readers :)

Thank you for reading my blog,
And see you on my next post!

Click to see this on my INSTAGRAM

With Love, TJ

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Breakfast With Audrey Sponsored by Dayglow Vintage Singapore

Dear Readers,

Im pretty sure you can guess what i'll bring to you today
If you see my picture above....
The clue is :

"Harpers Bazaar magazine has just put her granddaughter as a cover on this month!"

Yes, im imitating Audrey Hepburn's signature style while filming 'Breakfast at Tiffany's 
wearing one of the most famous dress by Dayglow Vintage
This dress called 'Breakfast With Audrey' dress....
and its obvious, why Miss Lilian named it so... :)

This dress is doing Audrey Hepburn look in sophisticated and modern way
This has been one of Dayglow vintage best dress..
And many ladies wearing this dress..
Just check on their instagram here

Elegant long black dress, perfect for evening event! CLICK this picture for more info

Wow... Sexy back detected!

The dress itself,
Has a comfortable material...
It is not easy to wrinkle,
And as for me,
I used to wear it with my black pointy flats too!

Back to the topic
Now i will show you my take on imitating Audrey Hepburn famous pose...
Im sure you've seen her doing this pose many times before...

Source from Wikipedia

And i love this style so much!
I can still imagining myself wearing that dress, that gloves, that shoes even in this era...
I must give credit to breakfast at tiffany's stylist and Givenchy
(Audrey black dress is Givenchy dress)
Less TJ, MORE Audrey..

This is my take on Audrey Hepburn pose and style...
Im trying my best to pull out this look
But... yeah... *straight face*
Im not as gorgeous as she is

Famous signature pose by Audrey Hepburn
Black satin glove, crown, pearl necklace..

What i LOVE the most from this dress is
1. It has a very comfortable material..
2. Not easy to wrinkle (this is very important)
3. This dress is very elegant, you can use it to a party or just to hangout with your friends.. it is depend on how you wear the dress, the shoes, accessory..

It has a classic timeless beauty feature on it..
And i love it,,
(Usually, im not wearing much accessory, but special for today, im wearing what Audrey Hepburn's wore on the movie)

I must have bring the orange cat and the cigarette

The Famous vintage pose, usually did by pin up girls on 50's era..

But dont worry readers,
I also realize,
We cant wear gloves, crown, and pearl necklace everyday..
I also bring you the more wearable version of this dress....
I hope you'll like it...

Less Audrey, MORE TJ..

As in this picture,
I prefer to wear a simple accessory,
I just put a simple tiara, and thats it..


click to see it on my IG

As seen on dayglowvintage web..
As you can see,,
This is more me..
Im not using much accessory..
I let my hair down
And let the beauty of the dress come out naturally..
We must give credit to Miss Lilian Choo..
She knows exactly how to accentuate the beauty of woman body without being overly sexy...

If i can wear it without any accessories,
Im sure my readers will able to wear it nicely too!
And if you want to buy it,
Simply go to their web, dayglowvintage
Because they're shipping worldwide!

Here is their new arrival on web..
Click the link to go to their web!

Click this picture to find out what's new on their site

Blogging Life

And backkkk to the topic...
Readers, as i become a new blogger,
Im happy to make some photoshoot concept and taking pictures in different places...
I give all i can do to make my pictures representable enough,

When it comes to doing photoshoot,
I will do my best to get a good pictures...
And i must say, it is not easy to be a blogger,
It is not easy to taking a good pictures,
Not every location are 'friendly',
And preparing your own make up and hair...

But im happy if the results are not bad...

Now i understand why fashion bloggers or beauty bloggers
Have a long requirement before they deal with some projects,

I learn about blogging world, step by step..
And never regret my choice to be a blogger..
And more than just showing my pictures here,
Im trying to talk to you trough my blog..

I wanna thank to all my readers..
For visiting my simple blog :) 
I must try to be better on writing and taking pictures,
So i wont be a fail blogger.. ahahahahaa

What's better than being honored on something you passionate about?
Fashion and beauty is my passion (beside dance world)
(oopss.. have i told you im a dancer almost all my life before i have to stop my dancing activity and sit nicely on the office world?)

Thats all for today readers..
Thanks for reading..
And i really hope you like what i write here...

See you on another post!